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Jury Finds Brice Guilty in Syringe Attack

Jefferson City woman was found guilty in the bizarre attack 


Graves trial under way


Graves Testifies She Killed in Self-Defense


Jury Finds Graves Guilty


Graves to Spend Next 12 Years in Prison


Stephanie Burns' lawyers say she acted in self-defense 


Burns Found Guilty


Burns Sentenced to Seven Years


Woman found guilty of planning attack


Fast guilty verdict in assault by injection


Man guilty of attacking ex-girlfriend


Woman gets 30 days for writing bad check


Man convicted of drug charge


Man convicted of tampering


Columbia man guilty of assault in accident 


Texas man guilty of robbery


Man convicted of drug charge


Man found guilty on drug charges


Woman found guilty of stealing clothes

  Cole County jury finds woman guilty of assault   
  Man found guilty on drug charges  
  Jefferson City man found guilty of tampering  
  Kirksville man found guilty of sex offense  
  Woman gets eight years for theft  
  Man pleads guilty of molesting daughter  
  Man, 36, convicted on child molestation charge   
  Jury returns a guilty verdict in arson case   
  Man convicted in Hardee's robbery  
  Transient guilty of sodomizing teen  
  Jury: Woman should receive four-year term  
  Jury finds man guilty of methamphetamine charge   
  Jury finds man guilty of weapons charge  
  Jefferson City man convicted of molesting his daughter  
  Jury convicts man in plot to kill his former wife, county prosecutor  
  Inmate convicted on sodomy charges  
  Jefferson City man found guilty of rape  
  Man found guilty of possessing narcotic    



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