In the News

 Johnny's Butcher Shop chicken dinner: Bill, Sandy
Downard, LuAnna Gifford and her 3 grandchildren

Johnny's Butcher Shop BBQ:
Bill, Susan Carr and Tom Sator

Johnny's Butcher Shop BBQ: Chris Landwehr, Tom Landwehr, Christy Landwehr, Bill, Jim Kolb and Pat Schulte

RACS Barbecue

Grandma Natalie Thompson, Natalie Tackett, Bill (the waiter), daughter Kelley,  wife Sarah, Sarah's mother Phyllis Reesman - First United Methodist Church Mother/Daughter banquet

Bill is interviewed by a DATELINE. NBC correspondent
about 1997 convictions in the "antifreeze" cases.

Bill, Doug Wilding volunteer at their daughters' swim meet.

Doug Wilding pretending to like Bill.

Bill and daughter, Kelley, during weekly radio show.

Kelley gets a cue from host.

Bill with his daughter in orange coat,
with friends at Belair school.

Lincoln parade

Christmas at the Office

Bill with daughter Kelley (in purple)
and friends at Belair cafeteria

Christmas parade

Labor Day parade

Bill, his wife of ten years, Sarah and seven-year-old daughter, Kelley

Bill's daughter (girl far right) shows off with winning relay team.

Bill's daughter Kelley, third from left, after winning swim meet

Bill's monthly reading at Belair school