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  Second degree murder charge filed in holiday weekend shooting
War on drugs
Eugene man faces charges in shooting
Charges pending following shooting in Eugene
Man faces charges after he's stopped for having women in the trunk of his car
Merlati, Edwards plead not guilty in separate cases
Woman who allegedly tampered with husband's IV going to trial
Man accused in home invasion to be tried
Judge denies inmate's motion to set aside life sentence
Man charged with fatally stabbing girlfriend set for trial

Murder charges upgraded
Summer Sweep 2006 targets 31 individuals for everything from crack to heroin to ecstasy
Law clamps down on sex offenders
Convicted murderer sentenced to 15 years in another incident
Cole County man charged with child molestation
Man arrested for molesting child worked at Algoa
Woman faces assault charge
Man sentenced to ten years in prison
Counterfeiting charge filed
Man accused in shooting bound over
Suspect arrested
Trial dates set: Three men face second degree murder charges
Harris sentenced to life without parole
Arson suspect still on loose
One problem: It's not legal
Thief in court?
Charges filed against shooting suspect
Man held in shooting outside bar

Mixed reactions on jury verdict
Victim can't remember
Jury recommends 25 years on two counts for teen in assault case
Jury selection begins in trial of teen charged with pizza delivery assault
Trio of teens arrested
Shooting under investigation; wounded man left at hospital
Charges filed in burglary
Two sentenced for role in man's murder
Isenberg pleads guilty
Charges shifted in bowling alley case
Crime statistics focal point of CURE meeting
Judge hands down separate orders for McDonald brothers
Teens will testify to avoid felony charges
Jury recommends life for local murder
Doctors testify in murder trial
Jury selection begins in Harris trial
Millard trial set for December 12
St. Louis call tips police to first '06 murder
Chase ends with two in custody
Charges filed in Friday shooting
Tackett files for re-election
Samuels bound over for trial in double murder case
Three suspects arraigned on murder charges
Bank robbery suspect arrested
Millard enters not guilty plea
Local man faces charge for arson
One charged, one arrested in double murder


  City rated 23rd safest in country
Tackett meets NBC's press
Charges filed in shooting death near bowling alley
Teen who had been in hiding comes forward
Tackett pushes regional Amber Alert system
Two KC men charged in local robberies
Shooting witness, accused of evidence tampering, to go to trial
Millard sex case advances
Arsonist gets ten years of St. Peters fire
Davis arraigned in Sessler murder
Millard charged with felony sex crime
Jefferson City man charged with 2004 bank robbery
Security increased for court appearances in murder case
Man gets life for attack on pizza man
Decision to certify juveniles as adult a delicate balance
"I think they should die"
Men charged with MoDot burglary
3 charged in robbery-murder
Taser, loaded shotgun, allegedly used in reported sexual assault
Bell pleads guilty to attack on pizza man
Harris pleads not guilty
Court accepts guilty plea of church arsonist
Juveniles charged as adults in murder
Familiar, friendly face still in critical condition
Two charged in brutal beating
Charges filed against pair tied to shooting
Accused attackers have previous legal troubles, records show
4 arrested for spree of school burglaries
Prosecutor hires AG's appellate counsel
Harris charged with murder
Bowers pleads not guilty to 2nd degree murder
Stakeout brings charge in anhydrous ammonia case
Officer charged with DWI removed from position
Voters slam door on justice center
PA amends murder charge to 1st degree
Local man charged with assaulting clerk with wine bottle he was trying to steal
Phillips murder trial moved to Fulton
After guilty plea, Bowers gets life for brutal murder
Truck owner arrested after leaving vehicle in train's path
Bowers bound over for trial on murder charge
Why prosecutor is temporary sheriff
Problems posed by predators
Assault complaint against 3 JCPD officers
Simonson school resource officer charged with DWI

2003- 2004

  Phillips plead not guilty to prison killing
Tackett still waiting on forensic tests before charging inmates
Jefferson City man charged with vehicular assault
Jefferson City man accused of pimping for prostitute, 15 Release leaves loose ends  -part 1
Barbers killer unlikely to face prosecution -part 2
Officer cleared in shooting outside police station
Charges stun drug task force
Grand jury indicts former county deputy for perjury
Drug convictions thrown out, inmates freed over tainted testimony by undercover cop
Dozens at sheriff's session on gun law
Former deputy pleads not guilty to perjury
Another drug conviction set aside following probe of officer
Prosecutor finalizes number of "bad" cases
Special judge expected in accused deputy's case
Tackett out of Isenberg perjury case
School bus stop arm violations investigated
Amrine faces retrial for prison murder
Release of death row prisoner is blocked
Amrine prosecutor seeks tests
Retrial set of inmate who was cleared by Missouri Supreme Court
Amrine arraigned on new charge
Court filing on death row case called delaying tactic
Court reverses Amrine verdict
Cole County PA may be close to decision in Amrine case
State decides to retry Amrine
Tackett seeks extension of Amrine release deadline for DNA testing
High court overturns death sentence
Prosecutor is 'far from a decision' on refiling charges in Amrine case.
Prosecutor seeks to hold man whose murder conviction was overturned
Body of slain prisoner may be exhumed
Tackett seeks court order to exhume barber's body
Prosecutor wants victims body exhumed
Amrine freed after 17 years on death row
Amrine brought back to Cole County for hearing
Conley to hear Amrine case
Amrine's lawyer irked by Tackett's request for delay
No decision made charging inmates
Charges filed against mayor
RACS wants to raise funds with tours of old prison
Partnership to discuss grant for addiction recovery

1989 - 2002

Jury Finds Brice Guilty in Syringe Attack
Jefferson City woman was found guilty in the bizarre attack 
Graves trial under way
Graves Testifies She Killed in Self-Defense
Jury Finds Graves Guilty
Graves to Spend Next 12 Years in Prison
Stephanie Burns' lawyers say she acted in self-defense 
Burns Found Guilty
Burns Sentenced to Seven Years

Woman found guilty of planning attack
Fast guilty verdict in assault by injection
Man guilty of attacking ex-girlfriend
Woman gets 30 days for writing bad check
Man convicted of drug charge
Man convicted of tampering
Columbia man guilty of assault in accident 
Texas man guilty of robbery
Man convicted of drug charge
Man found guilty on drug charges
Woman found guilty of stealing clothes

Cole County jury finds woman guilty of assault
Man found guilty on drug charges  
Jefferson City man found guilty of tampering  
Kirksville man found guilty of sex offense  
Woman gets eight years for theft  
Man pleads guilty of molesting daughter  
Man, 36, convicted on child molestation charge   
Jury returns a guilty verdict in arson case   
Man convicted in Hardee's robbery  
Transient guilty of sodomizing teen  
Jury: Woman should receive four-year term  
Jury finds man guilty of methamphetamine charge   
Jury finds man guilty of weapons charge  
Jefferson City man convicted of molesting his daughter  
Jury convicts man in plot to kill his former wife, county prosecutor  
Inmate convicted on sodomy charges  
Jefferson City man found guilty of rape  
Man found guilty of possessing narcotic 


Special Prosecutions.

2001 Appointed by Judge Joe Holt
State vs. Bonnie Campbell - Possession of Controlled Substance
State vs. Lionel Hawk
State vs. Kim Shaon
State vs. Sheila Taylor
State vs. Brandon Taylor
State vs. Stacy Hudson
State vs. Michael Merriman

Appointed by Judge Frank Conley
State vs. Mathew Bryson - DWI

Appointed by Judge Joe Holt
State vs. Robert Byrd - Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Appointed by Judge Joe Holt
State vs. Robert Keeling - Assault 3rd

Appointed by Judge William Camm Seay
State vs. James K. Conaway - Assault 2nd

Appointed by Judge John Birkemeyer
State vs. Dean Frye - Excessive Use of Force (Grand Jury)

Appointed by Judge John Birkemeyer
 State vs. Bob Sitton - Stealing (Grand Jury


Appointed by Judge Jeff Schaepperkoetter
State vs. Hellman - Assault 2nd

Appointed by Judge Joe Holt
State vs. John Doe - Harassment


Appointed by Judge Ralph Voss
State vs. Paul Arbes - Stalking and Harassment

Appointed by Judge Joe Holt
State vs. John Doe - Stealing
State vs. John Doe - Harassment
State vs. John Doe - Stalking


Appointed by Judge Ralph Voss
State vs. Paul Arbes - Stalking

Appointed by Judge Ralph Voss
State vs. Todd Kielholz - Stealing


Appointed by Judge Max Price
State vs. Mayor of Ironton - Misuse of County Funds

Appointed by Judge Randolph Puchta
State vs. Bridget Hergstenberg (Gasconade Co. Clerk) - Stealing
Additional Story #1
Additional Story #2

Appointed by Judge Ralph Voss
State vs. John Doe - Car Bombing in Linn, Missouri


Appointed by Judge Randolph Puchta
 State vs. Gasconade County Sheriff - Misuse of County Property

 Appointed by Judge Gene Hamilton
State vs. Ben Vineyard - Property Damage and Trespass

Appointed by Judge James Franklin 
State vs. John Doe - Arson 1st

Appointed by Judge Randolph Puchta 
State vs. John Doe - Misuse of County Property


Appointed by Judge Gene Hamilton 
 State vs. Yancy - Murder 2nd

Appointed by St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney
 State vs. McPheeters - Lawyer Misconduct

Appointed Judge Randolph Puchta 
 State vs. John Doe - Nursing Home Fraud

1992 Appointed by Judge Randolph Puchta 
State v. Sharp Corner Tavern - 7 fatality car wreck liability of bartender & bar owner

Additional Story #1
Additional Story #2
1990 Appointed Judge Ralph Voss
State vs. Dudenhoeffer - Assault 3rd

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